Imet - Titan DG

TITAN DG is the new dimension of a radio remote control for No Limits of Applications in a condensate of efficiency and innovation. It can realize the customer’s needs in the widest possible ways thanks to the vast customization possibilities. It has an ergonomic design and an extremely low weight, without compromising on robustness. It has over 110 analog and digital controls for maximum configurability of the actuators and a standard predisposition for data feedback. TITAN DG integrates the 4.3″ color graphic display with brightness up to 800 nits. It can be easily programmed and configured even directly by the customer, using the know-how provided by IMET.

Technical data


Dimensions (L.W.A.)400 x 230 x 170 mm / 15.7 x 9.05 x 6.7 in
Weight (battery included)from 3 to 4,5 kg / 6,61 x 9,92 lb depends on the configuration
Max number of ON/OFF commands64
Max number of analog commands (optional)30
Max number of single-axis joysticks30
Max number of dual-axis joysticks8
Range100 m / 330 ft
Casing materialCharged Nylon UL94 HB
BatteryNiMh 2,4V – 4,3 Ah
Autonomy at 20°C with charged battery in continuous service≃ 14 hours
UMFS protection
Operating frequency 1I.S.M. Band 433.050-434.790 MHz 69 programmable channels in AFA mode or on fixed channel. Max power: 1 mW e.r.p
Operating frequency 2I.S.M. 434.040-434.790 MHz 30 programmable channels in AFA mode or on fixed channel. Max power: 10 mW e.r.p
Operating frequency 32,4 GHz 38 ch. Max power: 10 mW e.r.p
Color graphic display (optionals)4,3″
Operating temperature-25°C +55°C / -13°F +133°F
Degree of protectionIP 65


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