Fuse plug


Fuse plug; with pull-tab; for 5 x 20 mm miniature metric fuse; with indicator lamp; 30 – 65 V; 6.1 mm wide; gray

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Electrical data
Fuse type Cylindrical fuse; 5 x 20 mm
Ratings per IEC/EN
Ratings (note) Electrical ratings are given by the fuse and blown fuse indication.
Nominal voltage (III/3) 250V
Rated current 6.3A
Note (rated current) Leakage current in case of a blown fuse: LED 2 mA
Operation status indicator 30 … 65 V
Power loss
Power loss (max.) Pl (max.) (note) When selecting glass cartridge fuses, make sure that the maximum power loss listed below is not exceeded. The power loss is determined according to IEC or EN 60947-7-3/VDE 0611-6 at 23°C. The temperature rise of the terminal block must be checked according to their application and mounting. Higher ambient temperatures represent an additional impact on miniature fuses. Therefore, in such applications, the rated current must be reduced if necessary. More details are available from the manufacturers.



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