Lighting connector


Lighting connector; push-button on lighting side; Lighting side: for all conductor types; Inst. side: for solid conductors; 224 Series; max. 2.5 mm²; Surrounding air temperature: max 60°C; 2,50 mm²; gray

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Electrical data
Ratings per IEC/EN
Ratings per EN 60664
Nominal voltage (II/2) 400V
Rated surge voltage (II/2) 4kV
Rated current 24A
Legend (ratings) (II / 2) ≙ Overvoltage category II / Pollution degree 2


Connection data
Total number of connection points 2
Total number of potentials 1
Connection 1
Connection type 1 Installation side
Connection technology PUSH WIRE®
Number of connection points 1
Actuation type Push-in
Connectable conductor materials Copper
Connectable conductor materials (note) Terminating Aluminum Conductors
WAGO spring clamp terminal blocks are suitable for solid aluminum conductors up to 4 mm²/12 AWG if WAGO “Alu-Plus” Contact Paste 249-130 is used for termination.
“Alu-Plus” Contact Paste Advantages:

  • Automatically destroys the oxide film during clamping.
  • Prevents fresh oxidation at the clamping point.
  • Prevents electrolytic corrosion between aluminum and copper conductors (in the same terminal block).
  • Provides long-term protection against corrosion.


Using terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology, aluminum conductors must first be cleaned with a blade and then immediately be inserted into the clamping units filled with “Alu-Plus” Contact Paste.

For spring clamp connections with PUSH WIRE® connection technology, WAGO recommends that the aluminum conductor first be cleaned and then immediately inserted into the clamping unit filled with “Alu-Plus” contact paste.

It is also possible to apply WAGO “Alu-Plus” additionally on the whole surface of the aluminum conductor before termination.

Please note that the nominal currents must be adapted to the reduced conductivity of the aluminum conductors::
2.5 mm² = 16 A
4 mm² = 22 A

Solid conductor 1 … 2.5 mm² / 14 … 12 AWG
Strip length 9 … 11 mm / 0.35 … 0.43 inches
Wiring direction Side-entry wiring
Connection 2
Connection type 2 Lighting side
Connection technology 2 CAGE CLAMP®
Number of connection points 2 1
Solid conductor 2 0.5 … 2.5 mm² / 20 … 16 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor 2 0.5 … 2.5 mm² / 20 … 16 AWG


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